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About Us

Our History

My great-grandfather, Joseph Weiss, was a first-generation immigrant from Germany, settling in Ohio in the early 1900’s. A short time later my great-grandmother, Emilie, for whom I’m named, immigrated to Ohio and began baking at Resch’s, a thriving bakery still operating today. She and Joseph met, married, and began their own family bakery in 1924. They worked together to create family recipes that have been passed down through four generations. When Joseph died unexpectedly Emilie continued to run the bakery, while raising four young children, for another 10 years. My Grandpa Joe, Joseph and Emilie’s third and only son, began work at the bakery at a young age, and he too learned the family trade. Emilie’s strength, fortitude, and courage are characteristics I admire about my great-grandmother. I can only imagine what it took for this young widow to rise before dawn, preparing the day’s breads, cookies, cakes, and pies for her customers, not knowing the legacy she was creating. It is my pleasure to share these beloved baked creations with you.

Emilie Feldhues Owner

Like my great-grandparents, I come from a long line of great cooks and bakers. Some of my earliest memories are listening to my Grandpa Joe talk about working in the bakery as a child. Every holiday or special occasion included treats made from time-honored family recipes written on worn-out index cards. Grandmother’s chocolate cake, my aunt’s Almond Roca, and our family’s famous Weiss butter cookies have been lovingly crafted, some recipes for over 100 years. As our family has grown, these treasured recipes have been passed along to each new generation.

I’ve grown up learning to love the culinary arts. In part because my mother, a great baker in her own right, encouraged this and let me “play” in the kitchen at a young age. Whether it was the forgotten yeast in cinnamon rolls, or destroying the kitchen to forge a new recipe, my mother patiently persevered as I navigated my way around a kitchen.

It was no surprise that I entered the culinary world at the age of sixteen (the same age my great-Grandmother began to bake!). I’ve been cooking, baking, and creating ever since and I love every minute! From my humble beginning as a prep cook, I’ve worked my way through traditional culinary brigade. I’ve been a Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Director of Catering, and Director of Nutrition at a variety of restaurants and organizations. I attended culinary school, have conducted cooking classes, appeared in exposés for the Cincinnati Enquirer, and competed in cooking competitions. Food is my passion and joy, mostly because I love to share it with people. Food is the central thing that brings us together: we need it to live, it makes us happy, it helps us heal. It’s a beautiful way to express love, sympathy, creativity, and celebration. The cornerstones of my life – the Lord, my family, our community, and baking – are beautifully intertwined and have led me to where I am today, baking wonderfully delicious creations, just for you.